Examples of Verb Agreements

As a professional, I understand the importance of proper grammar and verb agreements in writing. In fact, verb agreements can make or break a sentence and ultimately affect the overall readability and clarity of a text.

At its core, verb agreement refers to the correct matching of verb tenses and subjects in a sentence. This means that the verb used in a sentence should match the number and person of the subject.

To help clarify this concept, here are some examples of proper verb agreements:

1. Singular subject and singular verb agreement:

– He walks to the store every day.

– She eats breakfast at 7 am.

2. Plural subject and plural verb agreement:

– They run in the park for exercise.

– We like to watch movies on the weekends.

3. Indefinite pronoun and singular or plural verb agreement:

– Everyone needs to pay attention to the road.

– Some people prefer tea over coffee.

4. Compound subjects with the same person or thing:

– The dog and cat play together often.

– My brother and best friend are both interested in music.

5. Compound subjects with different persons or things:

– My sister or parents always help with dinner.

– Neither the teacher nor the students were late.

6. Collective nouns and singular or plural verb agreement:

– The team is playing well this season.

– The committee are divided on the issue.

7. Inverted word order and subject-verb agreement:

– Into the room came the cat.

– Under the bed hid the monster.

In conclusion, proper verb agreements are crucial for effective writing. Keep these examples in mind to ensure your writing is clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Remember, a well-written text not only benefits the reader but also serves to improve your website`s SEO.